US 10,393,063
I.C.Engine Piston With Chamber
United States Patent
US 6237579

Design To Improve Turbulence In Combustion Chambers.


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Some Call It Grooving – Most think they are “Band Aids” that help lousy Combustion Chamber Designs to perform better.

Many more have their own opinions. Well designed Combustion Chambers don’t benefit from any ‘tampering’ ! Most Top Tuners are convinced Ideally ” Designed and Perfected ” Engines are sure to lose out on Power and Performance. If the combustion chamber is “tampered with or disfigured or deformed” ? “The decision is yours my Friend!”

There are two sides to any argument. One that says ~ It is ” Non Sense ” and the others see’s “ sense ” in it Find out for Yourself ?

No other Topic on the Internet has so many discussions simultaneously taking place, regarding ” Grooving or Hacking ” Heads deciding the future of Combustion Chambers in time to come?

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