US 10,393,063
I.C.Engine Piston With Chamber
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US 6237579

Design To Improve Turbulence In Combustion Chambers.


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The Inventor And His Thinking

Radical Design Change

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Internal Combustion Engines fired up by “ Spark Ignition or Compression Ignition” harness only about 25 to 40 % of the derived heat energy in the fuel into useful work, while the remaining heat energy is lost invariably into the cylinder walls and the internals of the engine during the expansion process followed by the remaining hot gasses exiting the engine through the exhaust system into the open consisting largely of CO2 with a little of CO,HC water vapour.

The only other means to derive more efficiency out of the age-old IC Engine is to increase the compression ratios and come up with better knock resistant fuels to overcome present setbacks. Engineers World over are trying their best to achieve quicker combustion that delivers more power out of the expanding hot gasses, preventing the least heat losses into the systems before being blown away.

Accepted facts of ICEs are – Invariable heat losses during burn ? During combustion the cylinder volume is the least, heat losses into the piston head and cylinder head are unavoidable and play a vital role. In order to reduce the heat losses the burn time needs to be as small as possible ( This can be achieved out of high flame velocities ) This is accomplished by either increasing the :

  • Laminar burning velocity
  • or Turbulence intensity or Both

Highest laminar burning velocities are achieved by :

  • Slightly richer mixtures of 13 : 1 and below
  • Squish promoting in-cylinder turbulence in the charge during combustion.

Conclusions : Ideal turbulent mixture formations prior to ignition greatly support “ Quicker light ups ” followed by accelerated combustion. My US Patent 6237579 & US10,393,063 have all the potency to achieve this by – ALTCBC – Accelerated Laminar Total Clean Burn Combustion out of progressive turbulence in the charge as the piston pounds the head at TDC. This form of combustion further achieves higher thermal efficiencies that deliver better – Brake Specific Fuel Consumption – BSFC. Let us see, if there is anything simpler than this “Groovy Design” available to make present day IC Engines better and more fuel efficient considering the costs of Crude Oils going through the roof and the future of its supplies dependant by Wars to capture Oil ! Not forgetting the net resultants of ” Green House Gases ” filling up the Air ~ Depleting Oxygen levels permanently, as Consumption of Coal & Oil go up !

Time To Think ? ~ As everything is getting warmer by the Day ?
“ This is A Real Desperate Situation for All and the Need Of The Hour ” to bring about a Change …… My Friends !

Electrics are not going to blow away the Smoke any Time Soon !??

Many Ask Me ?? What is that ,, You Have Invented ! I tell them,, It is more of A “ Discovery “ of how the Winds blow and spread the flames inside Combustions Chambers – Which are not visible from the outsides,, but for the Noise, Heat and the Power produced from Air Breathing IC Engines for Propulsions ! Yes Fuel Turning into Fire with Abundant Air which we are burning up for good, into Carbon Dioxides by 1000’s of Kilo Tons on a daily basis ending up killing all the Life supporting Microbes in the Air ,,, Yes Turning our Air into – Lifeless !  

My Discovery has all the possibilities to overcome present challenges explained to the best of my understandings

 Some Call It – Sing Bang Theory !