US 10,393,063
I.C.Engine Piston With Chamber
United States Patent
US 6237579

Design To Improve Turbulence In Combustion Chambers.


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The Inventor And His Thinking

Important For Our Survival

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Introduction To My US Patented Technology Capable Of Improving Fuel Efficiency and Lowering Effluents Out Of Present Day Diesel and Petrol Engines and the Earnings of – Carbon Credit – out of Engine Efficiency.
This simple ‘ Unconventional ‘ design can improve existing Petrol and Diesel Engines with minor changes to the Combustion Chamber. This design further Improves the Thermal Efficiency by burning the Fuel and Air more completely due to quicker and better burn taking place inside Combustion Chambers. This form of combustion produces more Torque from the same amount of Fuel and expels a lot lesser CO2, Emissions and heat into the Air.

The need of the hour is to reduce Green House Gasses – To bring down the effects of Global Warming ! My involvements in Motor Sport, Adventure Sport, Aero Sport and Photography in the last 50 years has taught me a lot more about Turbulence and its far-reaching effects. All this research led to my Theory : ” Design To Improve Turbulence In Combustion Chambers “- US Patent US6237579 issued on May 2001. Ever since, i have Transformed 100’s of Present Day Petrol and Diesel Engines with my simple technology. Enthusiasts across Continents have also grooved their engines to reap the benefits stated in my Patent. The Irony of this story is ? The Industry and the Scientific Community across the World are more stuck with Questions such as … How Can It Work ? Than finding out ? … ” How Does It Work ” ?

A google search for Somender Singh or Somender Singh Grooves will reveal the rest of the action across Continents. This design is applicable to the latest Hi Tech CRDI Turbo Charged Engine designs too. The images on the net will give you an idea of the type of modification and its simplicity over all other technologies invented in the last 110 years of innovations.
This ” Out Of The Box ” thinking led me to actually deform Combustion Chamber surfaces to create the desired turbulence to overcome present day hurdles and limitations to achieve complete combustion. This design change addresses the ” Combustion Chamber ” … Where Fuel turns into Fire every time the spark plug ignites it up ! The outcome of this Discovery was ? Instead of Engines cracking up due to the deformities in the design, they instead started to perform smoother and better due to the desired turbulence coming at the right moments. Grooved Turbulence has helped me to achieve Accelerated Laminar Total Clean Burn Combustion (ALTCBC) in the absence of pre-ignition and knock, and the use of higher compression ratios too. These simple modification has brought about an ultra wide useable torque band, further improving drive-ability and acceleration out of existing engines. Strangely grooved engines consume a lot lesser fuel leading to proportionate reductions in CO2 and Emissions Per Km of usage. RTO tests shown ample proof of reductions in emissions with a Lower Carbon Foot Print in Diesel and Petrol Engines when compared to standard engines this includes the latest EURO 3 and 4 versions.

India imported close to 2 Billion US$ worth of Oil in 1990 In 2013 this figure has exceeded 170 Billion US $$$ and more ! While the World’s Oil Consumption went past US$ 2 Trillion $’s last year ? End of the day who’s going to be held responsible for Cleaning up all the generated “Green House Gases ” called CO2 along with the other complimentary Oxides, Die-Oxides and Trioxides exiting from the ” Tail Pipes ” out of these fancy Petrol and Diesel Engines in the last Century ? ” A lot more Time, Efforts, Energy and Hardships will be required to “ Solve and Dissolve ” these astronomical issues and crisis which are resulting in severe Climatic Changes and worsening each season across the Globe !
In the 1900’s the Annual Global Oil Consumption was aprox 1 Million Barrels ? Today we have exceeded 90+ Million Barrels of Oil Each Day running into Billions of $’s. While the unchecked progressive Automobile Industry has flooded global markets with their Fancy Automobiles since decades that has led to surplus Automobiles all over.

The Issues of Global Warming are getting even more realistic and are going out of control and coming close to dangerous status, effecting every Living Species On Mother Earth ! While We have shamelessly eaten away into our Grand Children’s “ Health, Wealth and Happiness ” ! As though tomorrow does not exist ! Any simple solutions at this crucial point of time will go a long way to bring about some beneficial changes in the way we “ Live ” and move on to face the Future .….. with a Hope of Recovery !

Some “ Hard Facts ” which few know ? To run our automobiles efficiently we need 15 times more Air by Weight from the Atmosphere to burn Every Liter of Fuel or LPG or CNG to keep these engines alive ! Every Liter of fuel burning inside IC Engines results in almost 2.5 Kgs of CO2 coming out of the exhaust pipe ? CO2 concentrations are nearing 400ppm and rising.

Soon there will be very little “ Oxygen” left in the Air to support all these “ Happy Happenings ” bringing about some serious health problems and issues and our very own survival on Planet Earth will become Questionable due to our own doings ! ?
“ Have we taken too many things for Granted ” ? Because Life on this Planed has flourished all this while despite our unchecked progress ? The last 10 Years have recorded the highest Global Temperatures … We are all feeling the heat each day ! But don’t want to do any thing about it … ! ?
We need to mend our ways and bring about some simple changes that are possible. Some call my efforts – A Single Straw Revolution in the offering that can bring about cost effective Fuel Saving and to earn Carbon Credit out of efficiency.

This is the True Story of a Self Taught Mechanic who conquered the Race Tracks and later the Blue Skies and finally the ‘ Heart ‘ of the Internal Combustion Engine Single Handedly by creating ” Big Turbulence ” inside them and offering the World a timely cost effective solution that is capable of bringing about positive changes in all existing IC Engines !
What Good are “ Discoveries and Inventions ” …. If they are not put to use ? When the need arises and exists to solve these astronomical Global issues and crisis ? As a reminder ~ Humans have no known technology to produce A Single Drop Of Water – Yet we are the Largest ‘ Consumers and Wasters’ of Water on Earth ! “ Have we taken too many things for Granted ” ?
Because ~ Life on this Planet has supported us despite our unchecked hyper activities of destruction and conquests of our surroundings for our needs and greed’s … day in and out ?

There is a profound Saying! Halt Warming Or Perish with it ? It is true !
If we sit back and pretend“ All is Well ” and Global Warming is a Hoax ?
A Horrifying End is not far Away ! ?