US 10,393,063
I.C.Engine Piston With Chamber
United States Patent
US 6237579

Design To Improve Turbulence In Combustion Chambers.


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The Inventor And His Thinking

Greetings Gentlemen!

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This is a prelude to my simple proven innovations to Enhance Combustion in IC Engines backed by my R&D work, spread over 5 decades.

A Google Search for : Somender Singh Grooves – will lead to numerous links, stories and images displaying my Innovations to Combustion Chambers with a few Videos too. This will give you sufficient Proof of Concept as to how Clean Burn Combustion is achieved and the Theory behind it. Your Comments & Suggestions will be appreciated “ In Every Way – Triggering a Debate for Sure” related to my US Patents – US6237579 & US10,393,063. Which are unique in every way as they were never seen before in any design ?

This is my timely solutions & contributions to Global Challenges placed before us, having many applications to both Spark & Compression Ignition Engines with proven workable designs as few have anything as simple & flexible to offer today.

Imports of Fossil Fuel are the Biggest Drain on Global Economies, paid in Foreign Exchange running into Billions of Dollars leading to the outcome of Kilo, Kilo Tons of CO2 & various Pollutants spilling over each day into our surroundings and air.

If there is any other simpler Quick fix, the industry has to offer better than what is projected, do let us know. The Need Of the Hour is to make Our World A better place to live in for Future Generations as we slip deeper in Debt with Nature.

It is now Official, the cut off dates for phasing out IC Engines is 2035 – We are only left with 12 more years to make any significant progress to take our case forward considering all the other alternatives & challenges surfacing up on a daily basis.

“Electrics & EV’s are not going to Blow away the Smoke any Time soon” ,,, Before they are perfected. Neither are Bio Fuels and other highly flammable gases going to make Transportation any Cheaper or Safer ? While demands rises Globally,,,,

In the Hope to awaken all the “ Think Tanks “ to start Thinking on Workable Solutions that can be Put to Good Use, in the Interests of All, Including our Environment and its Well Being ! Thanking You for your Time Gentlemen ,,,,
While Time Runs Out …. !
Awaiting for your Response,,,
With Kind Regards to one and All, Somender Singh
Part 2 : Introduction with simple explanations related to my Combustion Chamber Innovations with US Patent copies US6237579 & US10,393,063.