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Greetings and My Best Wishes ! For the New Year and the Challenges that come along with it. I wish to seek an appointment to share my US Patented Technology that has solutions to bring down Crude Oil Imports. This“ Made In India Technology ” Can Reduce Fuel Consumption With Lesser Emissions and CO2.
This Invention can help our Transport Industry to bring down the Carbon Foot Print and Earnings of Carbon Credit and Profitability out of Engine Efficiency and has vast applications to bring down Crude Oil Imports. India consumes about 6.4 Million Barrels of Oil Each Day. The attachments will give you ample proof of what has been achieved by me. My Innovation has been suppressed due to lack of understanding and coming from an individual source with limited resources and backing to promote.

This cost effective Innovation can improve Millions of “ Big and Small Engines ” used in 2 and 3 wheelers, Cars, Lorries, Buses and Railways to bring down India’s Biggest Drain in Foreign Exchange to Import Crude Oils exceeding $ 170 Billion Each Year and the Carbon Foot Print generated out of fuel burning other than the fallouts of Emissions and Related issues arising out of it. The outcome of Improper Combustion is leading to Emissions, Pollutants and Carcinogens filling up our Urban Air, causing respiratory Diseases and Congestion of sorts. Excess fuel burning is causing Global Warming resulting in Climatic Changes across the World and can be felt across seasons. Black Carbon is causing a noticeable drop in Agriculture and Glacier Melt Downs across the Himalayas leading to many other Challenges Unknown to Humans. Future generations will have to face untold challenges and misery due to our careless life styles polluting our ground, water and air beyond repair. I have made many attempts to reach and update the highest authorities such as PSA to the Govt of India, CSIR, DSIR, IPCC, PCRA, and many others in the Automobile Industry in the last 15 years but in vain. A google search for – Somender Singh Grooves – will give you a broader picture of my Invention and the response it has generated across the World with positive comments about its usage and advantages appearing on the Internet.

I have hidden nothing from the World and have projected this Simple Combustion Chamber Modification as a solution with vast applications to drive us efficiently into the Future. There is no other known Technology in the World which is applicable to both Petrol and Diesel Engines and can upgrade existing engines to bring down Emissions and CO2 and to promote profitability with many advantages simultaneously.
This Technology has been Conceived, Patented, Perfected and Made in India by me, after transforming 100’s of Petrol and Diesel Engines economically. This Technology is Unknown to the World of Engineering and has been suppressed by many, except the ones using it after my modifications. We have 100’s of Owners and Drivers with a variety of leading brands of Automobiles experiencing this unique technology each day with no issues or problems.

The Need of the Hour is to bring down Fossil Fuel Consumptions and to achieve – A Smaller Carbon Foot Print – Per Km / Per Ton out of existing engines, which my Invention achieves with the least inputs and costs after decades of Research followed by Refining and Perfection till date.

I would be grateful if you could give me an opportunity to Display and Demonstrate My Technology which I have perfected beyond doubt. This Proposal is in National Interests and of Great Importance as “ A Global Solution ” further backed by my US Patent with a Time Tested Solution which nobody has or can offer today !

This technology is “ Invented by An Indian with over 50 years of self funded research in modifying different types of Engines for special applications ” ! The Internet is all praise …. For my simple modification. It is an Honour and Pride to present this unique Global Solution which has great potentials to bring about the much needed changes to Drive Us into the Future Confidently …. With A Smaller Carbon Foot Print ! With Simple, Affordable Re-Engineering Available in India !

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely

Somender Singh
Garuda R&D