US 10,393,063
I.C.Engine Piston With Chamber
United States Patent
US 6237579

Design To Improve Turbulence In Combustion Chambers.


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Global Solutions to Reduce Pollution from Automobiles

More Torque And Power Out Of Less Fuel !

Time Tested Simple Innovations and Solutions ?

Derived out of NEED AND SPEED with 10 fold returns. Applicable to most tiny and mighty Gasoline and Diesel Engines with minor modifications to existing engine designs. This simple Combustion Chamber Technology never existed in the last 140 YEARS ?

“ We Specialize In Work – Which Few Understand ?? ”

In the late 1800’s the global fuel consumption was close to one million barrels per year. Today we have exceeded 120+ million barrels each day ! IC Engines need over 10,000 litres of weightless air, to combust 1 litre of fuel efficiently, releasing large amounts of invisible CO2 and other pollutants into our environment. You will be surprised to know, we breathe in and out approx 22,000 times each day, consuming almost 11,000 litres of air to stay alive ! Yes, we all come under – Air Breathing Engines ! ? If the air is not pure and Oxygen rich, we fall sick and engines fail to produce power !? Presently our atmosphere is running low on Oxygen as we chop vegetation and burn more fossil fuels for our Mobility and Energy including jets and jumbos darting across the skies resulting in a hotter planet year upon year ? Without Oxygen there is no Flame or Fire or Life !

The worst effect, one litre of fuel burning results in 2.5 Kg’s Of CO2 filling our air. Over time the composition of our atmosphere has changed to a heavier one filled with pollutants and poison. This will only get worse as time goes by…

Humans are the biggest wasters and destroyers of every thing on our planet leading to unrest erupting into wars, hampering all forms of progress and directions. Mother Nature has her own ways to correct and mend … The sad bit is, all living life will suffer and perish due to our extravaganza and high flying lifestyles like never before.

Have we taken too many things for granted ? We are living “ as if ” tomorrow never existed ? As a reminder an open hand holds much more than a closed fist!

People love to suppress new Ideas more so when they are simple and easy to implement ? Most outside ideas are always misunderstood due to lack of understanding and enthusiasm to take them forward.

Global R & D Spend Millions if not Billions into research to find solutions – While we have the Solution and it is ready to implement ….

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Street Smart Solutions

You Decide What’s Good For Us - Simple Or Complex Technologies ?

This Technology has been Conceived, Patented, Perfected and Made In India by me, after transforming 100’s of Petrol and Diesel Engines. Lots of Time, Money and Efforts have gone in to achieving this.

This Proposal is in National Interests and has Great Potentials to be projected as “ Global Solutions ” which nobody has and is backed by my US Patents followed by Time Tested Solutions with over 50 years of Self funded Experiments and Perfection!

The Need of the Hour is to bring down Fossil Fuel Consumptions and to achieve – A Smaller Carbon Foot Print – Per Km / Per Ton with lower emissions from existing polluting engines across the World !

“ Simplicity is the Key to Progress – Leading to a Better Tomorrow ! ”

Global Warming is real and is leading to Climatic Changes across the Globe !

We have gone much beyond this : The Ground which we stand on is Drying up due to excessive bore-welling and it’s usage/ wastage loosing all its properties due to unchecked dumping and pumping of Chemicals and Trash into the soil – Killing It Permanently ! The Air we Breathe and Live is also turning Grey due to excessive Pollutants & CO2 ! The Mighty Oceans are decaying with plenty of Filth & Plastic killing all Marine Life and Sea Weeds which produce Oxygen to keep our Planet Blue ….With the spread of rampant forest fires across our Planet, Oxygen depletion with increases in CO2 are becoming clear. Untimely rains & storms in excess are leading to major washouts and displacements of soil erosion and silt formations all over. The Trash left behind by generations will wipe the smile off coming generations leading to chaos and starvation…“ As we have eaten away into the fixed deposits of future generations.
There are more Concrete structures and Automobiles in our surroundings than Trees for Shade” ! resulting in massive heat build-ups never experienced before drying up our soil and atmosphere of all it’s water contents leading to desertification,,,,

Now You decide … Which Mountain do you plan to run and climb ?

Sadly Humans are the most destructive race with a trail of misdeeds & mindless creations and wars across the worlds in comparison to all other forms of Living Life struggling to survive on Mother Earth ! As I said….we humans have eaten away into all the natural resources and deposits belonging to future generations thoughtlessly for our immediate needs and pleasures ! Leaving very little hope for future generations as our population crosses 8+Billion mark exceeding all limits of Sustainability and Survival on Mother Earth !