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linkCalifornia sues 6 top carmakers over greenhouse gases
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -- California filed suit against Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Toyota Motor Corp. Honda, Nissan and Chrysler charging that greenhouse gases from their vehicles have cost the state millions of dollars. State Attorney General Bill Lockyer said the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Northern California was the first of its kind to seek to hold manufacturers liable for the damages caused by their vehicles' emissions-click for more.
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Somender Singh, Innovator of the Year 2004 


"[using] Mr. Singh's invention, the yearly national fuel savings would equal the amount of oil America imports from the Persian Gulf."

We are witnessing the culmination of resource depletions in every commodity & source on Earth ~ On ' A massive scale ' along with senseless " Burning up of Oxygen " taking place all around us to keep us Mobile, Active & Warm. At this point of time my simple Groovy technology is the only affordable solution as " New or Retrofits " that has emerged over time,  regardless of some people's personal issues and their scientific merits to disprove my Discovery. Proof just keeps rolling in all the time. How many independent results equal positive findings ? When does the World take notice and see for ' Themselves ' just how good and simple these Grooves  are ? At this point of time  We do offer definitive solutions to bring down  Global Warming & CO2 releases ! As none seem to be worried or effected by such issues surrounding us ? We are sure, you will find the same " changes " others are finding after grooving ..  Increased Torque, Increased Low-End Power and Overall Fuel Savings with Lower Emissions & CO2, resulting in much cleaner engines with  lower operating temperatures and the capacity for unusually efficient engine " Tune Ups "  without the dreaded  " Mr Knock or Miss Ping " showing up !  Some call this movement ~" A Single Straw Revolution " ! With a hope to bring about some positive changes around us and the way we drive into the Future . . . . .  

Until viable alternative Fuels & Energy sources are Discovered or Inventedwe will have to deal with " Air Breathing "  Internal Combustion Engines burning up Petroleum products along with 15 POUNDS of AIR for every pound of fuel used up.  Even IF advancements such as Bio-Fuels &  Hydrogen Gas did come in to replace Oil we would still need plenty of Air to Oxidize all this fuel into Power !!  Millions of drivers will not be able to afford new vehicles, even with ZERO percent financing For the moment,  large scale improvements in Engine Efficiency out of existing engines is most essential for our long term economic independence and social well being. Or Else ?? It is a real" Up - Hill Task " for most of us !

Read on !     Squish, Squash & finally Squashed ! ! !

US Patent 6237579 is applicable to any 2 or 4 cycle internal combustion engines featuring " Squish or Quench " concepts. The placement of one or more grooves or channels or passages in the squish area as shown & described in the first page of my US Patent 6237579 results in "Accelerated Laminar Total Clean Burn Combustion " out of any fuel ? Meaning to say, this simple but radical design change to squish areas & configurations enhances progressive turbulence in the charge close to the skin of the combustion chamber and further directs the (added) turbulence towards the igniter followed by multiple flame front propagation thus resulting in a radical change to " In-cylinder Combustion ". This technology is as radical a change to engine design as it was with the introduction of the ' quench 'concepts by Sir Harry Ricardo almost 80 + years ago.  ALTCBC improves " Torque & Power " through the entire operating range with lesser amounts of fuel. This simple design change "opens up" the combustion chamber to activity. Hy-Brids can now benefit from enormous low-end torque produced out of smaller displacement engines to pull away with ease. Simplicity in design is the key to success in keeping down costs and pays for itself on the long run in a big way !

After this simple design change ~ Obsolete Side Valve Engines which feature large quench areas have shown reductions of up to 42.5 % in fuel consumption ( BSFC) when fully loaded at 2000 rpm on the dyno further producing more torque & power at lower operating temperatures in comparison to a stock engine. ( ARAI Test Results )

If the fuel inputs had dropped that drastically - What do you think the outcomes of  " CO2 & Emissions " ~ Could or Would be ~ Out of grooved engines ? And the impact all this will have on " Carbon Credit "    ...... and its  earnings in the future ?

"Remember the most important factor in increasing engine performance and efficiency is to create " maximum turbulence "  in the compression chamber."--Engine Legend Pat Goodman

This simple cost effective design change has the same dramatic effects on dual-fuel applications too & can accept much higher compression ratios on standard gaswith out the interference of knock or pri-ignition. This design change requires minute in-puts to optimize the size & location of the grooves along with compatible compression ratios to optimize existing 2 or 3 or 4 & 5 valve combustion chamber designs. These changes are close to ' Zero cost inputs ' when it comes to mass scale production - Costing almost  " Nil "  as additional costs. The only other costs to be considered are " Licensing & Royalties " for the use of IPR.?

Lots of debates are on to figure out how this design could be achieving these advantages over normal squish & quench concepts. Lets leave the ' Indepth Study ' to the learned & see if they can improve upon it any further ? While this design is ready for implementation & is sure to make a Big Big difference to the Motoring World in the form of fuel savings considering the Cost of Crude Oils going past $ 100+ along-with the Effects of Global Warming taking over in a Big way ? Effecting all of us & the rest on the Planet too !   Some call it  ~ " The Dimming Sun " ! ? ! ( Check it out on the net, it is for real ! ) A lot more Surprises are awaited in time to come . . . ? For Starters ~ There are three times more frozen CO2 & Other Forbidden Gases hidden beneath the melting glaciers & sheets of age old ice waiting to surface up into the open. This will bring about some sudden changes in the air and the Poles ?

 As a reminder - This design literally " Spells & Achieves "~ " More out of Less " involving the least inputs into existing engine designs.

We believe ~ " A Stitch In Time, Can Save Nine & More "  ? 
What Good Are " Discoveries & Inventions " ~  If They Are Not Put To Use ?

" The Answer My Friend . . .  Is Blowing In The Wind  ......  !!! "  The essence of life called “Crude Oils“ soaring past  $ 100 mark has dampened the Global Spirit of well being. Most average motorists are in a dizzy of what awaits them as ‘ Future Shock ‘ ! While the Automobile Industry fully anticipating these hikes are going " Full Steam Ahead " stamping out Millions of ‘ Wonder Machines ‘ of every conceivable shape and size to promote & pacify the needs of personalized transportation like never before.  All this hyper-activity has led to full house parking lots sending most of us on merry go-rounds like never before ? To add to all this, the existing " ON THE RUN " One Billion + I C Engines ticking away Globally are pushing the demands for Fuel & Oil beyond the reach of supply making Crude Oils even more expensive than the automobile itself ? 

' How’s that ' for an equation ? Global Oil Sales each year are exceeding $1500 + Billion mark with Exxon Mobil alone showing a full year revenue of $ 371 + Billion.  Sooner then later all this Oil is sure to burn up & turn into " Smoke & CO2 " and hang in the air for a while ?  

Did you know One Gallon Of Fuel
 burns up enough AIR to let out almost 20 Lbs of CO2 back into the air from the tail pipe 
Did you know One Litre of Petrol burns up enough Air to produce almost 2.5 Kgs of CO2 out of in-cylinder combustion !

It is high time we act with responsibility to enlighten the World At Large, about our shortcomings and our own makings that have brought about these life styles of "Burn-Ups & Burn-Outs."  Not to forget the very air we ' breathe in ' is polluted by excessive COand harmful emissions alongwith many other Monoxides & Die-Oxides & Trioxides descending from the skies each night ? Added to all the Jumbo-Jets flying overhead contributing to the rest of the " high altitude fallouts & hangouts "  of CO2 & Jet Trails causing " Global Warming out of  Heat Trapping " ! 

All the fuel we have burned up in the last 100 years has come from beneath. We need to remind ourselves – Knowingly or Unknowingly, we are burning up fossil fuels “ A Hundred Thousand Times Faster “ than what it took Nature to Oyster this Oil in the first place. As responsible Citizens of this Planet we need to leave behind adequate fuel and resources for our next generations to explore the pleasures of personalized transportation – Or else our generation will be blamed forthese senseless acts that we are committing & executing in style, each moment, as though tomorrow never  existed  ! ?   The Human Race in their " quest to conquest " are burning up vast quantities of valuable Life Supporting ' Oxygen ' in the AIR at a much faster pace than what  Nature can reverse or do to " break down " these excessive bi-products of  CO2 & Trash floating around us in the air and water, ending up ' tipping ' the very balance of existence on Mother Earth for all of us to live in !.? 

This is not the way out Sir, ….. ?    No !  No ! !  No ........ 

The World is heading the wrong way for sure ! On Every Count we humans are thoughtlessly Injuring & Killing Nature that has supported our very existence on Mother Earth all this while ! Soon the Energy in the Air & Water will start to diminish . . .  failing to support Life !  It is high time we looked at simple solutionsfloating around us rather than digging up a Big " Pit " to bury our past !  Even small changes can have large long-term consequences on ecological systems and  humans. The recent  UN reports on Global Warming must be running "Cold Sweat " in most Industrial & Political Circles...  While the rest of the World is waking up to the Truth !  Of what awaits us. . . in time to come ? I am reminded about the sand clock running out of  sand on the top end and the Gravity of the situation taking over ?
" Global Warming " is a living concern to ' one & all ' as the days go by ! 
Humanity " Thinks " we have solutions for everything on Earth ! It is the reverse ? We are the " Problem " for every-thing else on EARTH !
" earthling " .....   sing !!!

Simple Solutions To A Worldwide Crisis      

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Problem with activating account
Written by Emma on 2009-12-25 11:27:56
22bbd454e48f90e2875605b0a039832f Hi Guys, I am newbie in the internet stuff and I dont know if I am writing on correct board on this website. I 
have got problem with activating my account. I received email but when I click on the link it was not working, is this link is correct? [url=http://somender-singh.com/?eb89284e3ed1]http://somender-singh.com/?eb89284e3ed1[/url],
Problem with activating account
Written by Henrietta on 2009-11-15 18:50:00
118944090852fcfd326fa574efea860d Hi Guys, I am newbie in the internet stuff and I dont know if I am writing on correct board on this website. I 
have got problem with activating my account. I received email but when I click on the link it was not working, is this link is correct? [url=http://somender-singh.com/?b249463a329b]http://somender-singh.com/?b249463a329b[/url],
Written by Guest on 2007-01-28 20:08:03
So this is a process you do personally to any type of vehicle? Also, if so, how much would you charge, and what is needed to do the whole process?
Written by Guest on 2007-01-06 16:57:27
well looking at all the photos this makes perfect sense  
the guy that created this is smart but you cant stop some one from duplicating it for personal use but as for profit or somthing that is being done for production use yeah they can put a stop to that and he will then benefit  
by it being in the open like this and if it works for people and saves that much then awsome maby he will score with it possibly gettig implemented into a production auto or somthing  
Written by Guest on 2006-11-28 01:25:31
Meanwhile the person who has a patent on the concept/technology, (Sommender Singh) isn't getting a damn dime from all the people using his find. If you are using it, the very LEAST you could do is send him some cash for the 'score' right? I mean you are saving cash by implementing aren't you? Would you be happy if you had a patent and folks were using your invention without any consideration?
Written by Guest on 2006-09-08 14:35:07
so kind of you to put pics on the website 
makes things a bit more clearer

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